An honest user review: Starmobile Play Max

I have been waiting for a phone under 5k with the following specs: at least 2500 mAh removable battery, 4.7-5 inch screen, Android Marshmallow and at least an 8MP rear camera. Since its launch last July 25, I have been waiting to get my hands on Starmobile’s Play Max. I was tempted to get their Up Max a year ago but due to the Android 5.0 issues, I didn’t get one. They were also selling it above Php 6,000 then. I was considering a couple of other phones, which had smaller battery capacities.

starmobile play max, user review, rear panel, android marshmallow

Space Gray Rear Panel

Now on to the actual review. So I bought the Play Max. I was already impressed on how the Up Max was made. It’s no different with the Play Max. Very clean lines, nothing fancy yet feels and looks premium. Since I got the Space Gray, the 5 inch screen’s border blends in well with the black bezel. Champagne and Rose Gold models have white bezels I think. The screen’s not so thick black border stands out on those. On top of the screen are the 5MP front camera with flash, earpiece and sensor. It has navigation buttons so, more screen space. They don’t light up though. No notification light either. Continue reading


Adobo Festival 2013

adobo festival balay negrense silay city 5 de noviembre

16th Adobo Festival

@ Balay Negrense, 5 de Noviembre Street
Silay City

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Note: The Adobo Festival in Silay City is an annual cooking challenge celebrated together with the Cinco de Noviembre. Different adobo cooking styles, local delicacies are available lunch time. Artworks by local artists are also on display.

2nd time on Phottix Weekly Photo

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Honeylen is a very good friend of mine and she’s has modeled for me a few times already.

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Muscovado Competition 2013

muscovado competition adobo festival silay city cinco de noviembre

Muscovado Competition 2013

Muscovado Competition (16th Adobo Festival)
@ Balay Negrense, Silay City

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Note: Every year, Silay City holds this Muscovado Competition during the Adobo Festival. This would be my first time going there albeit the few minutes walk away from home. This is one of my favorite food shots. (No, I haven’t tasted it. I wish I had.)

Michelle Ascalon

Michelle Kathryn M. Ascalon

Michelle Kathryn Ascalon

@ Mega Boxing Gym
Bacolod City

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Note: This is my very first time to shoot with off-camera flashes and modifiers. This shoot was done with a couple of friends. I changed their setup a little bit to achieve the affect I wanted. This is also a newer version of the image after I learned intermediate workflow in Photoshop.